Documentation for classes includes syntax, usage information, and code samples for methods, properties, and event handlers and listeners for those APIs that belong to a specific class in ActionScript. The classes are listed alphabetically. If you are not sure to which class a certain method or property belongs, you can look it up in the Index.

sekati.ui AbstractCalendar provides some basic abstracted calendar logic for UI classes such as days of each month (factoring leap years), first day of week in month, surrounding months, etc.
sekati.collisions AbstractCollisionDetector provides the core collision detection logic abstract to its subclasses.
sekati.utils AbstractEmbeddedAsset
sekati.views AbstractInteractiveView provides an interactive UI view abstract.
sekati.views AbstractLiquidView provides a liquid UI view abstract.
sekati.load AbstractLoader provides the core Loader & URLLoader logic for API Loaders.
sekati.ui AbstractMediaPlayer provides abstract player control logic for audio/video players and the likes.
sekati.ui AbstractPreloader provides a Preloader UI Abstract element.
sekati.draw AbstractShape provides an API base class for drawn shapes.
sekati.text AbstractTextField
sekati.views AbstractView provides a UI view abstract.
sekati.layout Align provides DisplayObject alignment constants.
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various Alignment utilities.
sekati.collections Allocator provides a standardized interface for the bulk allocation of objects in memory.
sekati.core App provides a common static dynamic storage area for API and application instances, loggers, data objects, properties & constants.
 ApplicationEvent ApplicationEvent provides a baseline application event object with optional data transport capabilities.
 ApplicationEventDispatcher ApplicationEventDispatcher provides a central dispatching & eventing singleton target for API based applications.
sekati.load ApplicationLoader provides a baseline invisible preloader facility for Canvas based Application SWF files that implement the core API (Document or DocumentPreloader).
sekati.layout Arrangement provides DisplayObject arrangement constants.
sekati.collections ArrayBidirectionalIterator provides a non-destructive, pointer-based, Bi-Directional Array Iterator.
sekati.collections ArrayBounceIterator provides a non-destructive, pointer-based, bouncing Array Iterator which iterates to the end of the array then reverses direction backward & forward.
sekati.collections Array based Collection
sekati.collections Array based Iterator
sekati.collections ArrayLoopableIterator provides a non-destructive, pointer-based, Looping Bi-Directional Array Iterator.
sekati.utils Helper for shortcutting searching in arrays
sekati.collections Array based Queue data structure.
sekati.collections Array based Stack data structure.
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various Array utilities.
sekati.load AssetLocator provides a weak-referenced Dictionary of all ILoader instances.
sekati.crypt Encodes and decodes a base64 string.
sekati.crypt Encodes and decodes a base8 (hex) string.
sekati.draw Bezier provides a Tweenable curve which, unlike Curve requires a Control Point.
sekati.converters Binary conversion utilities
sekati.converters Bit Conversion Utilites
sekati.utils BitmapTransform provides transformation logic for BitmapData transformations.
sekati.validators BitmapValidator provides constants & validation to manage Bitmap, BitmapData & DisplayObject's.
sekati.converters Boolean Conversion utilities
sekati.core Bootstrap provides a common bootstrapping command & load sequencer used to initialize API based applications.
 BootstrapEvent Application BootstrapEvent's fired during the bootstrapping process of Sekati API.
sekati.external BrowserAddress provides basic deeplinking through URL anchor getters and setters.
 BrowserEvent BrowserEvent provides the main Event object for the API BrowserManager facility.

BrowserManager provides advanced browser deeplink management to the API via URL Anchor (hash) tag & quasi-page control.

sekati.load ByteArrayLoader provides a standard API loader for loading a files binary ByteArray content.
 CameraDevice CameraDevice provides a Camera control DisplayObject to the API.
sekati.display The API Canvas (sekati.display.Document's superclass): exposes top-level, "global" access to the stage, root, loaderInfo & flashVar for all classes (including non-DisplayObject classes).
sekati.ui CirclePreloader provides a circular dotted UI preloader element.
sekati.reflect ClassReflector provides a centralized class reflection API.
sekati.utils Basic System Clipboard Management.
sekati.collisions Collision provides the data associated with a DisplayObject collision.
sekati.collisions CollisionAngle provides return angle types for Collision detectors.
sekati.collisions CollisionDetector provides collision detection to a single target display object against all other display objects registered with the detector (one to many).
 CollisionEvent CollisionEvent
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various Color utilities.
sekati.managers ContextMenuManager provides a customizable application level ContextMenu when implementing the API.
sekati.ui ContextualMenu provides a common ContextMenu interface.
sekati.layout CoordinateTool provides basic coordinate translation and management utilities.
sekati.display CoreBitmapData provides a common interface for capturing, scaling & cropping BitmapData from a DisplayObject.
sekati.core The core object in the Sekati API.
sekati.display CoreShape is a foundational Shape class for code-driven Graphic DisplayObject's.
sekati.display CoreSprite is a foundational DisplayObject class and can be thought of as one of the main building block of API-based applications.
sekati.validators CreditCardValidator provides basic Credit Card validation before sending to a CC gateway.
sekati.draw Curve provides a Tweenable 3-point curved line which, unlike Bezier does not require a control point.
sekati.utils Static class for handling dates & converting them into readable strings.
sekati.utils A delegation proxy (similar to AS2 Delegate) for times when the built-in method closure doesn't cut it.
 DeviceEvent DeviceEvent provides a base event for Camera and Microphone devices.
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various Dictionary utilities.
sekati.geom Store width and height integer Dimensions and provides various methods of manipulations.
sekati.collections DisplayList based Collection
sekati.collections DisplayList based Iterator
sekati.collections DisplayList based Queue data structure.
sekati.collections DisplayList base Stack data structure.
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various DisplayObject utilities.
sekati.display This is the API's main Document Class.
sekati.display The DocumentPreloader class is an API independent shell designed to load Sekati API Document driven SWF applications.
sekati.display DraggableSprite provides a common API construct for drag, drop & throwable sprite objects.
sekati.draw DrawStyle provides a base preference set for API Drawn Shapes.
sekati.external Advanced ExternalInterface helpers, wrappers & utilities.
 ExternalMouseEvent ExternalMouseEvent - Mac Compatible via ExternalInterface & sasapi.js.
sekati.external ExternalMouseWheel adds mouse wheel support for Mac clients: This is accomplished via capturing the mouseWheel event in javascript with ExternalInterface and dispatching an ExternalMouseWheelEvent.
sekati.load FileType provides Class references to the appropriate ILoader for various file types.
sekati.validators FileTypeValidator provides path validation of loadable file types & associated ILoader.
sekati.filters FilterBase provides common filter generation.
sekati.collections Filtered Iterator
sekati.filters FilterMode defines the mode of a Displacement Map Filter.
sekati.filters FilterQuality defines the rendering quality of a Filter object.
sekati.filters FilterType defines the rendering type of a Filter object.
sekati.validators FlashValidator provides introspective validation of playback type, version & mode.
 FLV FLV provides a common media control object for playing progressive video content.
sekati.ui FLVPlayer provides playback control interface logic to be used with
sekati.text FocusToggle provides a togglable action to the passed-in input TextField.
sekati.text FocusToggleField provides a togglable input TextField created in created in code (versus the IDE).
sekati.display ForceSprite provides an InteractiveSprite which have quasi-physics forces applied to it.
 FramePulse FramePulse proxies an ENTER_FRAME event to any non-DisplayObject classes which need to execute code on each frame tick.
sekati.utils GarbageCollector provides hacks to control the GC.
sekati.crypt Encodes and decodes a Goauld string.
sekati.draw GradientRect provides a gradient rectangle shape.
sekati.collisions GroupCollisionDetector provides collision detection to all registered display object against all other registered display objects (many to many).
sekati.crypt Genuine Unique IDentifier string.
sekati.utils HTMLCode Lookup tables
sekati.collections IAllocator provides a common interface for the Allocator object and its descendants.
sekati.collections IBidirectionalIterator defines how the non-destructive, pointer-based, bidrectional iterating of collections of items is handled.
sekati.crypt Marker interface for all cryptographic cipher classes
sekati.collections ICollection defines an object which represents a collection of objects.
sekati.core The core interface in the Sekati API.
sekati.collections IDestructiveIterator is a marker interface marking Iterators which are "destructive"; meaning they act directly on the collection they are iterating removing elements along its way.
 IDevice IDevice provides a common interface for all user devices.
sekati.crypt Marker interface for all cryptographic hashing classes.
sekati.collections IIterator defines how iterating collections of items is handled.
sekati.load ILoader provides an implementation for API AbstractLoader sub-classes.
sekati.log ILogger provides the definitions for the Logger API.
sekati.collections ILoopableIterator defines how loopable, nondestructive, bi-directional iterating of collections of items is handled.
sekati.ui Image provides a loadable Bitmap Image DisplayObject.
sekati.load ImageLoader provides a standard API loader for graphical Bitmap content.
sekati.log Recursive Object Inspector
sekati.math IntBase provides a common Integer API.
sekati.display InteractiveSprite provides a common API construct for interactive sprite objects.
sekati.geom Interface describing sekati.geom.Point
sekati.collections IPointerIterator defines which Iterators which are "non-destructive"; meaning they implement a "pointer" to track iteration and do not act directly on the collection they are iterating: the original collection is left intact.
 IProgressiveMedia IProgressiveMedia provides a common interface for progressive playable media.
sekati.collections IQueue defines the queue data structure.
sekati.collections IStack defines the stack data structure.
sekati.draw ITweenableDrawing defines the method signatures of tweenable drawn Shapes.
sekati.formats JPGEncoder provides conversion from Bitmap to valid JPG file format.
sekati.ui Keyboard provides an authoratative keyCodes collection which is otherwise only provided in the AIR implementation of the flash.ui.Keyboard class which omits the majority of the codes.
sekati.core KeyFactory provides a RUID hash table of runtime application objects & instances.
sekati.managers KeyManager provides an interface for the centralized registering and handling of KeyboardEvents via the direct coupling of Keyboard events to actions.
sekati.managers LayoutManager
sekati.draw Line provides a Tweenable line Shape.
sekati.display LiquidSprite provides a visual building block which is ready to respond to StageEvent's such as RESIZE, RESIZE_COMPLETE, & FULLSCREEN.
sekati.load QueueLoader provides the core ILoader group loading logic for the API.
 LoaderQueueEvent LoaderQueueEvent
 LocalSharedObject LocalSharedObject provides a common "maintain local persistence, immediate write" style SharedObject to the API.
 LogEvent LogEvent provides the main Event object for the API Logger facility.
sekati.log Logger provides a common logging facility for applications implementing the API.
sekati.log LogLevel provides the various LogEvent levels provided by Logger.
sekati.log LogTarget provides the different log targets (or "output modes") available to Logger
sekati.crypt Validate a number with the Luhn Algorithm (aka Mod10) which is standard for pre-validating card numbers before being processed for approval.
sekati.crypt Compresses and decompresses text with the LZW algorithm.
sekati.math MathBase provides a common math API.
sekati.crypt The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm Implementation based on algorithm description at
 MediaEvent MediaEvent provides a base event for FLV and MP3 loading, streaming & playback.
sekati.reflect MethodReflector provides a centralized method reflection API.
 MicrophoneDevice MicrophoneDevice provides a Microphone control to the API.
sekati.transitions Motion provides some common Tweener shortcuts.
 MP3 MP3 provides a common media control object for playing progressive audio content.
sekati.ui MP3Player provides playback control interface logic to be used with
 NetBase Static class wrapping various Network utilities.
sekati.converters Number Conversion Utilities.
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various Object utilities.
sekati.collections OrderedDictionary provides a Dictionary like collection object which persists the order of entries similar to an Array.
sekati.validators Operating System Validation
sekati.profiler PerformanceMonitor provides a visual graph to application FPS and RAM usage.
 PersistentXMLSocket PersistentXMLSocket provides an advanced XMLSocket.
sekati.formats PNGEncoder provides conversion from Bitmap to valid PNG file format.
sekati.geom Create a Point Object
sekati.geom Point3D extends sekati.geom.Point with a Z-axis.
sekati.math PRNG provides a Seeded Pseudo-Random Number Generating System based on the Park Miller "minimal standard" linear congruential pseudo-random number generator.
sekati.math Random provides advanced randomness API.
sekati.text RandomTypo
sekati.math Range provides a common Numeric Range API.
sekati.draw Raster provides utilities for drawing directly into BitmapData objects.
sekati.crypt Encrypts and decrypts strings using the RC4 (aka ARCFOUR) cipher used most commonly in SSL transactions.
sekati.draw Rect provides a Tweenable rectangle Shape.
sekati.ui Reflection provides a UI reflection to a DisplayObject.
sekati.rpc RemotingService provides a basic remoting service wrapper for AMF Remoting (usually to AMFPHP).
sekati.crypt Encrypts and decrypts text with the Rijndael algorithm (aka AES).
sekati.crypt Encodes and decodes a string using the ROT13 algorithm (aka a simple Caesar cipher)
sekati.ui RotationPlane provides a two dimensional plane containing two "material" DisplayObject's which can be manipulated via rotateX, rotateY.
sekati.crypt Runtime Unique ID's for runtime Object management and identification.
sekati.ui Scroll provides a flexible scrollbar controller class: handling mouseWheel (PC & Mac), dynamic resizing content, external size tracking for accordian style content scrolling, slideContent method, modal ui states, proportional bar, gutter and more.
Top Level SekatiMain provides an example implementation of the application Document class for SEKATI API.
Top Level SekatiPreloader provides an example implementation of DocumentPreloader for SEKATI API.
 ServiceEvent ServiceEvent provides update notification for the Viewport.
sekati.crypt US Secure Hash Algorithm 1 (SHA1)
sekati.crypt Calculate NIST compatible SHA256 checksum hash.
sekati.rpc SOAPService provides a SOAP WebService client interface.
sekati.layout Sort provides various visual sorting arrangements for arrays of DisplayObject's.
sekati.load SoundLoader provides a standard API loader for Sound media content.
sekati.collections Stack based Iterator
sekati.display StageDisplay provides an interface to the swf application Stage instance allowing display and non-displayObjects to interact with and control the stage.
 StageEvent StageEvent provides advanced Stage event notification.
sekati.utils StopWatch Utility.
sekati.reflect Stringify class or class instance fully qualified name.
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various String utilities.
sekati.validators String Validation methods for form fields
sekati.load StyleSheetLoader provides a standard API loader for Cascading StyleSheet content.
sekati.load SWFLoader provides a standard API loader for SWF asset content.
sekati.crypt Encrypts and decrypts string with the TEA (Block) algorithm.
sekati.converters Temperature Conversion utilities
sekati.ui TextButton provides a very simple UI button with a text label and roll over states implementing InteractiveSprite.
sekati.text TextEffect
sekati.text TextFlow provides a virtual multi-column TextField comprised of multiple fields.
sekati.ui Generic Text Label
sekati.load TextLoader provides a standard API loader for text file String content.
sekati.utils Static class wrapping various Text utilities.
sekati.converters Time Conversion Utilities
sekati.geom TrigBase provides common trigonometry utilities.
sekati.collections TypedArray provides strict data-typed array object to the API.
sekati.utils TypeEnforcer provides type helpers for class constructors.
sekati.validators Basic Type Validation
sekati.external Google Analytics (Urchin) tracking of Flash events.
sekati.load VariableLoader provides a standard API loader for URLVariables content.
sekati.ui Viewport provides a faux application viewport via a set of letterboxing DisplayObject's to confine content.
 ViewportEvent ViewportEvent provides update notification for the Viewport.
sekati.utils Create a weak reference of an object instance for easier garbage colleciton of difficult to track Objects: if this is the only reference left the instance is elidgible for garbage collection.
sekati.converters XMLConverter provides a simple XML E4X Native Typing utilitie.
sekati.collections XMLList based Iterator
sekati.load XMLLoader provides a standard API loader for XML content.
sekati.utils XMLUtil static class wrapping various XML and XMLList utilities.
sekati.crypt Encrypt and Decrypt a string with XORCRYPT Version 1.2 algorithm
sekati.math XORShiftPRNG provides a fast, lightweight Pseudo-Random Number Generator implementing the xorshift algorithm.