Canvas The API Canvas (sekati.display.Document's superclass): exposes top-level, "global" access to the stage, root, loaderInfo & flashVar for all classes (including non-DisplayObject classes).
 CoreBitmapData CoreBitmapData provides a common interface for capturing, scaling & cropping BitmapData from a DisplayObject.
 CoreShape CoreShape is a foundational Shape class for code-driven Graphic DisplayObject's.
 CoreSprite CoreSprite is a foundational DisplayObject class and can be thought of as one of the main building block of API-based applications.
 Document This is the API's main Document Class.
 DocumentPreloader The DocumentPreloader class is an API independent shell designed to load Sekati API Document driven SWF applications.
 DraggableSprite DraggableSprite provides a common API construct for drag, drop & throwable sprite objects.
 ForceSprite ForceSprite provides an InteractiveSprite which have quasi-physics forces applied to it.
 InteractiveSprite InteractiveSprite provides a common API construct for interactive sprite objects.
 LiquidSprite LiquidSprite provides a visual building block which is ready to respond to StageEvent's such as RESIZE, RESIZE_COMPLETE, & FULLSCREEN.
 StageDisplay StageDisplay provides an interface to the swf application Stage instance allowing display and non-displayObjects to interact with and control the stage.