IAllocator IAllocator provides a common interface for the Allocator object and its descendants.
 IBidirectionalIterator IBidirectionalIterator defines how the non-destructive, pointer-based, bidrectional iterating of collections of items is handled.
 ICollection ICollection defines an object which represents a collection of objects.
 IDestructiveIterator IDestructiveIterator is a marker interface marking Iterators which are "destructive"; meaning they act directly on the collection they are iterating removing elements along its way.
 IIterator IIterator defines how iterating collections of items is handled.
 ILoopableIterator ILoopableIterator defines how loopable, nondestructive, bi-directional iterating of collections of items is handled.
 IPointerIterator IPointerIterator defines which Iterators which are "non-destructive"; meaning they implement a "pointer" to track iteration and do not act directly on the collection they are iterating: the original collection is left intact.
 IQueue IQueue defines the queue data structure.
 IStack IStack defines the stack data structure.
 Allocator Allocator provides a standardized interface for the bulk allocation of objects in memory.
 ArrayBidirectionalIterator ArrayBidirectionalIterator provides a non-destructive, pointer-based, Bi-Directional Array Iterator.
 ArrayBounceIterator ArrayBounceIterator provides a non-destructive, pointer-based, bouncing Array Iterator which iterates to the end of the array then reverses direction backward & forward.
 ArrayCollection Array based Collection
 ArrayIterator Array based Iterator
 ArrayLoopableIterator ArrayLoopableIterator provides a non-destructive, pointer-based, Looping Bi-Directional Array Iterator.
 ArrayQueue Array based Queue data structure.
 ArrayStack Array based Stack data structure.
 DisplayListCollection DisplayList based Collection
 DisplayListIterator DisplayList based Iterator
 DisplayListQueue DisplayList based Queue data structure.
 DisplayListStack DisplayList base Stack data structure.
 FilteredIterator Filtered Iterator
 OrderedDictionary OrderedDictionary provides a Dictionary like collection object which persists the order of entries similar to an Array.
 StackIterator Stack based Iterator
 TypedArray TypedArray provides strict data-typed array object to the API.
 XMLListIterator XMLList based Iterator