Class com.sekati.display.CoreClip

Implemented Interfaces

ICoreClip IBaseClip ITweenClip


Core UI mixin that all interface subclasses should extend instead of MovieClip for standardized UI initialization.

Note: CoreClip should only be used for classes which will extend library clips via linkage id. If you are using ClassUtils to extend a class use BaseClip as the onLoad event will have fired before the clip is extended.

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configUI(), onLoad()

Inherited from BaseClip

Method Detail


public function onLoad():Void

onLoad does core setup when clip registers on stage via onLoad. Do not override this in subclasses; instead override configUI.



Specified By

onLoad() in com.sekati.display.ICoreClip


public function configUI():Void

Configure UI and initialize behavior; should be overwritten by subclasses.

Specified By

configUI() in com.sekati.display.ICoreClip