Class Summary
FLV FLV class to be used with FLVPlayer
Iterator Data Array Iterator Class
JSON JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) Serializing/Deserializing Parser
LoopIterator Loopable Iterator Class
SO SharedObject wrapper class
SoundCenter Centralized Sound management solves issues calling linked sounds from dll's
XML2Object return an object with the content of the XML translated
note: a node name with "-" will be replaced with "_" for flash compatibility. for example will become FIRST_NAME If a node has more than 1 child with the same name, an array is created with the children contents
 The object created will have this structure:
 	obj {
 		nodeName : {
 			attributes : an object containing the node attributes
 			data : an object containing the node contents
 		var data:Object = new XML2Object().parseXML(myXML);
XMLSA XMLSA converts xml to simple object array
	_global.$c.onLoad = function(ok){
		if (ok) loadLanguage();
 	onEnterFrame = function(){
 		trace("config : " + _global.$c.getPercent() );
 		if (_global.$c.getPercent() == 100){
 			delete onEnterFrame;

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