Package com.sekati.ui

Interface Summary
IScrollable Interface describing Scroll and other Scrollable ui classes
Class Summary
AbstractBtn AbstractBtn
ContextualMenu Extended Context Menu Management
 	var cm:ContextualMenu = new ContextualMenu(_level0);
 	cm.addItem("Item One", Delegate.create(this, myFunction), true, true);
 	cm.addItem("Item Two");
 	cm.editItem("Item Two", "Item 2");
 	cm.removeItem("Item One"); // remove the first item
 	cm.enabled = false; // disable this menu
FauxView FauxView singleton creates a set of BaseClip rectangles on stage for use in tracking and broadcast a 16:9 content viewport scaled proportionally to the Stage
FLVPlayer FLVPlayer controller to be used with FLV
Image image loader
ScreenProtector Lock the Screen from UI interaction
Scroll Scroll handles mouseWheel (PC & Mac), dynamic resizing of content, external size tracking for accordian style content scrolling, slideContent method, modal ui states, proportional bar, gutter and more

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