Package com.sekati.log

Class Summary
Console UI Console for attaching or connecting too
ConsoleDocument ConsoleDocument controller simulates an AS3 DocumentClass
 Usage on first _root frame:
ConsoleFPSMonitor Console FPSMonitor UI
 var fpsMonitor:MovieClip = ClassUtils.createEmptyMovieClip (com.sekati.log.ConsoleFPSMonitor, this, "consoleFPSMonitor", {_x:750, _y:0});
ConsoleItem Console Item UI
 	var meta:MovieClip = ClassUtils.createEmptyMovieClip (com.sekati.log.ConsoleItem, this, "consoleMetaItem", {_x:5, _y:5, _isMeta:true});
	var data0:Object = {id:0, type:"status", origin:"_level0", message:"Generic status report.", benchmark:0.3339};
 	var c0:MovieClip = ClassUtils.createEmptyMovieClip (com.sekati.log.ConsoleItem, this, "consoleItem0", {_x:5, _y:21, _data:data0});
ConsoleStyle Singleton class defining Console style and layout
Inspector Recursively inspect an Objects contents
LCBinding Centralize Console & Logger LocalConnections
LogEvent LogEvent object for use by Logger for Console
Logger Logger is a multi-tiered debugging tool designed to clarify the debugging process.\
Out Out is a multi-tiered trace replacement which uses debug levels and object/instance filters to assist and clarify the debugging process
OutPanel Creates a panel within current swf for live debugging via Out

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