Package com.sekati.crypt

Interface Summary
ICipher Marker interface for all cryptographic cipher classes
IHash Marker interface for all cryptographic hashing classes
Class Summary
Base64 Encodes and decodes a base64 string
Base8 Encodes and decodes a base8 (hex) string
Goauld Encodes and decodes a Goauld string
GUID Creates a new genuine unique identifier string
Luhn Validate a number with the Luhn Algorithm (aka Mod10) which is standard for pre-validating card numbers before being processed for approval
LZW Compresses and decompresses text with the LZW algorithm
MD5 Calculates the MD5 checksum
RC4 Encrypts and decrypts an alleged RC4 hash
Rijndael Encrypts and decrypts text with the Rijndael algorithm
ROT13 Encodes and decodes a ROT13 string
RUID Runtime Unique ID's for runtime Object management and identification
SHA1 Calculates the SHA1 checksum
SHA256 Calculate NIST compatible SHA256 checksum hash
TEA Encrypts and decrypts text with the TEA (Block) algorithm
XOR Encrypt and Decrypt a string with XORCRYPT Version 1.2 algorithm

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