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new CurveModifiers()
_bezier_get(), _bezier_modifier(), init()

Constructor Detail


public function CurveModifiers()

There's no constructor.

Method Detail


static public function init():Void

Registers all the special properties to the Tweener class, so the Tweener knows what to do with them.


static public function _bezier_modifier(p_obj:Object):Array

Given the parameter object passed to this special property, return an array listing the properties that should be modified, and their parameters


p_objObject Parameter passed to this property


Array Array listing name and parameter of each property


static public function _bezier_get(b:Number, e:Number, t:Number, p:Array):Number

Given tweening specifications (beging, end, t), applies the property parameter to it, returning new t


bNumber Beginning value of the property
eNumber Ending (desired) value of the property
tNumber Current t of this tweening (0-1), after applying the easing equation
pArray Array of parameters passed to this specific property


Number New t, with the p parameters applied to it